#4 Oppidum Ubiorum or Cologne 1.0

#4 Oppidum Ubiorum or Cologne 1.0 The History of Cologne

Dive into the founding phase of Cologne around the year 1 CE and explore how it was constructed as a satellite town. After the resettlement of the Ubii into the Cologne Lowland in around 19 BCE, the need for a central settlement is obvious. With the help of the Roman legions, the settlement of the Ubii „Oppidum Ubiorum“ is built. This settlement will turn out to be ancient Cologne. More Info and Links to this podcast: linktr.ee/thofCGN

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The Ubiermonument (Ubian Monument)

The Ubier monument in Cologne is open on the first Thursday of the month – from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.


An der Malzmühle 1
50676 Köln

Tower wall of the Ubiermonument (sorry for the blurry picture)
Ubiermonument (right) connects to the roman city wall (left) that was built decades later
Assumingly a watergate. Notice that it has been closed with bricks. Maybe in later times to prevent enemies from enterin the city?
Tower foundation of the Ubiermonument

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