#48 Interview with Dirk Hoffmann-Becking from History of the Germans Podcast

Germany in the 2nd half of the 11th century – Why everybody wanted to go to Heaven – Why Anno really kidnapped Henry IV.

This episode I would like to take a more general look at this turbulent time, the second half of the 11th century. Which developments shaped this time, medieval Germany and to what extent they affected Anno and also the city of Cologne. 

But all that would be far too complex for me. 

So I’m glad that Dirk from the “History of the Germans” podcast was kind enough to stop by for this episode. 

In our little chat we start off by talking about our motivation why we started our podcasts and then go straight into the action, the 2nd half of the 11th century. 

#51 Exploring 11th Century Cologne: A Virtual Walk through Time The History of Cologne

Step back in time and join us on a journey through the bustling streets of medieval Cologne. In this episode of our podcast, we transport you to the year 1100 AD, where you'll experience the sights, sounds, and stories of one of Europe's most vibrant cities. From the towering cathedral to the bustling marketplaces, you'll discover the rich history and culture of this ancient city. Come along as we explore the hidden gems and hidden secrets of medieval Cologne, and discover why it was a center of trade, culture, and innovation.
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  4. #48 Germany in the 2nd half of the 11th century – Interview /w Dirk Hoffmann-Becking from History of the Germans Podcast
  5. #47 Anno‘s Revenge – The Archbishop strikes back 1074 AD

Dirk Hoffmann-Becking “History of the Germans” Podcast

“A great many things keep happening, some good, some bad” (Gregory of Tours 539-594). From the Coronation of Henry the Fowler in 919 CE to German Reunification in 1990 in weekly chronological 20-30 min episodes.

Listen to his podcast here: Link

The Empire/Medieval Germany in the 11th century

By Holy Roman Empire 1000 map-fr.svg: Sémhurderivative work: OwenBlacker | Discussion – Holy Roman Empire 1000 map-fr.svg, originally based on HRR 10Jh.jpg (2005)., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16239633

The mighty Duchy of Saxony in the 11th century where many nobles constantly rebelled against Henry IV’s reign.

Public Figures we talk about in the episode

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