#51 Exploring 11th Century Cologne: A Virtual Walk through Time

Step back in time and join us on a journey through the bustling streets of medieval Cologne. In this episode of our podcast, we transport you to the year 1100 AD, where you’ll experience the sights, sounds, and stories of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. From the towering cathedral to the bustling marketplaces, you’ll discover the rich history and culture of this ancient city. Come along as we explore the hidden gems and hidden secrets of medieval Cologne, and discover why it was a center of trade, culture, and innovation.

Map of our tour through the city in 1100

Credit: Greven Archiv Digital

Click to enlarge the image.

Niederich: Eigelsteinquarter and Kunibertsquarter

This semicircle shows the former northern Cologne suburb of “Niederich.” In it are today’s districts such as the Ursulaviertel in the far west near the monastery of St. Ursula, then in the middle the Eigelsteinviertel and in the east directly on the Rhine the Kunibertsviertel around the monastery of St. Kunibert.

Today’s Eigelstein city gate from the 12th/13th century. The former Eigelstein gate was more to the south, in the background of the image.

Alter Markt and Heumarkt

The Alter Markt (Old Market) with the neighboring Jewish Quarter in the north (in blue)

Schildergasse and Neumarkt

The yellow arrow runs parallel to today’s Schildegasse street.


The “Griechenmarktviertel” in the southwest corner of the city.
The only pre-WW2 house that survived the war.
The building now looks like a foreign body next to the much larger post-war buildings in the neighborhood.

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