The Batavian Revolt 69-70 CE

Depiction of Civilis (with crown) and his Batavian and Germanic allies by the Dutch painter Rembrandt from the 17th century.

The Batavian revolt in the Gallic-Germanic border region in 69 CE has a tight grip over Cologne and the region. The Roman rule is gone for the moment. This episode all these events of this conflict will unfold right in front of Cologne’s doorstep and soon, inside its city walls. Will Cologne prevail? Or will Cologne be crushed between the rebels and the Romans? For one thing, it is certain: the Empire will strike back It will get messy, believe me!

Click to enlarge! Source: By Andrei nacu, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Rhine frontier of the Roman empire during the Batavian Revolt. Cologne is “Colonia Agrippina” in the middle. Xanten (Vetera) is north of Cologne. Bonn is south of Cologne.

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