Bonus Episode: Q&A

How did the young Byzantine princess Theophanu become the richest woman in Europe at only 12 years old at the end of the 10th century? And how did she become the most powerful woman in Europe at the age of 24, with far-reaching effects on European history? In this episode, we will look at her breathtaking life and, of course, at the end, what all this actually has to do with Cologne itself.
  1. Theophanu
  2. How Archbishop Bruno changed the face of Cologne forever – until today
  3. Retrospective on Frankish Cologne
  4. The Archduke of Cologne
  5. From the Empire of the Franks to the Land of the Germans

The answers to all your questions regarding the show or other topics about me or the history of Cologne.

Haus Fühlingen (House Fühlingen

A haunted place. Nothing in the world will get me into that house!

Tower of Richmodis’ house

2 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: Q&A

  1. Thank you for this bonus recording! It’s good to hear more about you, and mostly off script (notes quite acceptable!) Really enjoyable, and a nice touch with questions from another person. I appreciated the tip on Kölschgänger. Now I will get lost in that site for days! Some nice details about background of the Richmodis saga.

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    1. Glad, you liked it. Had only a short time frame to record this and I wanted to do this before Halloween since there is spooky stuff in it. I had many thinking pauses and mispronounced words but I kept them in because of the lack of time. 😀 I love the Kölschgänger. If you don’t understand all of it, just copy and paste the text to a really great translation AI. Sadly, the head of the Kölschgänger died suddenly and since then they had a long pause but now started continuing. But they haven’t gotten access to the homepage yet. But they are very active on Facebook. Check it out, I already submitted two stories as a guest author, a third one is coming soon about a topic in Cologne history thatI haven’t talked about before.

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